Download one of the Apps below and use the Invite Link to Join our Telegram group to get support and updates to the service.
Telegram for Iphone/Ipad Download : Click Here
Telegram for windows Download : Click Here
Telegram for Android Download : Click Here
Invite link to Join our support chat : Join Us

Click Here to Join our Facebook Group for general questions but please do not mention channels in this group. use the Telegram group for reporting down channels or other issues related to channels.

Download The File Linked APK and put in the code listed to get access to all our apps that we provide to connect to our service.
Click Here to manually download the app.
Firestick Install : Use the Downloader apk and put the following url in the text box to download the filelinked app.
FileLinked Access code : 64675566

1) Download the Downloader app from the Amazon app store
2) Open Downloader
3) Enter the following url in the box:
4) Allow to download
5) Click install and then Install again
6) Once installed, click open.

Enter your login information (can be found in the my account area).


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